Are you frustrated by the lack of current, accurate, and actionable data in your CRM?

Are your salespeople spending hours entering information about who they called or texted or met with? The results? The action items?

Does the volume of texting with customers and clients from your people’s personal phones concern you?

AutoPylot Technologies solves these, and more, of the most frustrating problem with CRMs.

We created AutoPylot to solve the most frustrating problem with CRMs: Easy access to real customer information.

AutoPylot is a stand-alone solution that works with your existing CRM system to automatically record, log, and analyze customer conversations (voice and text). The AutoPylot mobile app separates work-related calls and texts, and stores the data automatically. Then AutoPylot’s conversational AI system analyzes for tone, intent, key-words, and more.  

AutoPylot captures 10x the volume of customer conversational data with barely 1/3 the time and effort of your sales team.

Meet the team

The AutoPylot leadership team has years of hands-on experience with CRM systems. They believe in the mission because they’ve experienced the lack of actionable customer data and the impact it can have on an enterprise, firsthand.  

Boris Medak

Chief Executive Officer

Bheem Zhade

Chief Technology Officer

Bheem Zhade Vice President engineering



C. Richard “Dick” Kramlich

A legend in Silicon Valley and the venture capital community with a career spanning more than 50 years, Dick was a founder of New Enterprise Advisors (NEA). Most recently, Dick co-founded Green Bay Ventures with Anthony Schiller.


Austin E. Hills

Investor, philanthropist, and beverage scion, Austin has had tremendous success with Hills Bros. Coffee and later Grgich Hills Winery. Mr. Hills has an eclectic range of interests and serves on a wide range of boards, including Hills Capital Management.



Contact us

Have a specific question about AutoPylot? Wondering when we’ll add support for your CRM? Reach out. We’re happy to help.  

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