This week, the first version of the AutoPylot mobile app was released into Apple’s AppStore and includes integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Autopylot App Store screenshots

As you know, AutoPylot solves the biggest frustration with CRM systems – the lack of timely and accurate data around customer conversations. Salespeople don’t have time (or desire) to spend hours re-hashing calls, and sales managers are at wit’s end trying to get salespeople to engage.

The AutoPylot mobile app helps salespeople by automatically capturing and loggings calls, notes (and soon texts) into their company’s CRM system (today that’s Dynamics, with integrations to Salesforce, NetSuite and others to follow shortly).

And because it happens automatically, sales managers don’t have to scream and shout.

Want to try it for you or your team? Sign up for a 30-day free trial today.

Where’s Android? Fair question – and it’s coming along quickly.