Much has been written and said about the importance of salespeople entering data into their CRM systems.  

And much of that data can come in the form of real-time comments and insights from customer engagement activities as they complete – for example, at the end of a phone call or meeting.  

But today, a salesperson would need to put fingers to keyboard to type up their thoughts. This is roughly equivalent to data entry and is often viewed as busy-work by the team.  

With the AutoPylot mobile app, salespeople can use an interface they are very familiar with – their smartphone, and a mode they can use anywhere – talking, to capture their thoughts on calls and meetings.  

In fact, AutoPylot prompts the salesperson to dictate notes and action items at the conclusion of any phone call.  

Dictating notes in AutoPylot – via GIPHY

Or as they walk out of a meeting.

Or after they get off a video call.

The point is, the salesperson can dictate a note about any customer engagement activity immediately and have the text automatically uploaded into their CRM and linked to the appropriate Contact(s), Account and/or Opportunity.  

Making it easier for salespeople to attach their notes to a customer engagement has several benefits:

  • Making it easier drives adoption. If the salesperson simply needs to talk into their smartphone (versus getting their laptop, logging into the CRM web interface, and then composing/typing – potentially hours after the engagement), they are likely to provide notes more frequently.  
  • Prompting helps. The AutoPylot app automatically presents the salesperson with a Notes screen at the conclusion of a call – it’s as easy to dictate a note as it is to cancel the data entry prompt.  
  • Data feeds the CRM beast. CRM is the front-end of so many business processes, forecasting, financials, inventory, manufacturing … more data, and more insight into customer intent, always helps.
  • Data feeds the AI beast. More enterprises are adding AI to their CRM systems specifically because the CRM drives so many downstream processes. Again – more data about customer intent provides better outcomes.  

If your team complains about the burden of CRM data entry, then give AutoPylot a try.