The AutoPylot Partner Reseller Program

AutoPylot adds value to your customers’ CRM implementations.

More than 1/3 of companies say their CRM implementation “does not meet expectations,” primarily because salespeople can’t, or won’t, put engagement data into the system.

AutoPylot, a mobile front-end for leading CRM systems, automates collecting customers’ voice and text conversations, giving sales management the data they expect while freeing salespeople from the burden of endless data entry.

And creates opportunities for systems integrators

Learn how AutoPylot can add value to your customer’s CRM implements while creating new direct and indirect integration opportunities. In fact, here are five ways AutoPylot creates opportunities for systems integrators…

CoPylot Program Benefits

  1. Custom discount code – created specifically for your customers to use at sign up, the discount code ensures your customers get savings off the list price for signing up with their preferred integrator.
  2. MMR share – For top integrators, AutoPylot may negotiate a monthly recurring revenue share model (with a signed agreement).
  3. AutoPylot Integrators License – get AutoPylot for your sales team. Up to 10 seats at no cost, an annual benefit of $4,800 (with a signed agreement).
  4. Co-marketing support – Co-branded collateral and sales tools with marketing support.
  5. Premium support – a dedicated channel for service and support (phone, email, chat) with optional paid upgrade to 24×7 support.

Additional Benefits

Beyond direct benefits, partnering to bring AutoPylot to your CRM customers has additional benefits.

  1. (Re)engagement opportunity – It’s easier to sell to an existing customer, so why not bring your existing customers new products and services – like AutoPylot. It’s an opportunity to engage existing customers and discuss their changing business needs.
  2. Bringing value – AutoPylot is extremely high-value, particularly for organizations that rely heavily on their CRM.
  3. New integrations – AutoPylot includes new fields for call recordings and text messaging. Customers will want to update their views to include the new data fields and an opportunity for new integration projects.

Getting Started

1. Get to know AutoPylot

Watch the video. Read how it works.  See how automating the collection, recording and logging of customer call and text conversations results in a 10x increase in valuable customer insights, while salespeople spend 1/3 the time on data entry.

Then consider how your customers would benefit from AutoPylot. How there’s new integration business, or an opportunity to expand an AI practice to include conversational analysis.  

salesperson using autopylot

2. Try AutoPylot

Sign up for a free, unlimited 30-day trial and see for yourself.

  • Create an account and add yourself (and a few colleagues) as users
  • Download the mobile app
  • Connect to your CRM (D365 today, Salesforce and NetSuite in 2H-2022)

As a benefit of the program, the AutoPylot account remains free if you sign up to the CoPylot Partner Program.

3. Become a CoPylot

Start the process – fill out the form. Get started today and we’ll get you everything you need (including tools and incentives) to bring AutoPylot to your customers.


Let’s Go

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. One of our partner managers will reach out to discuss the program and answer any questions.
  3. Sign up to the program.
  4. And soon your customer’s CRM implementations will be meeting or exceeding expectations.