The Microsoft D365 Sales App (for iOS, Android) provides a very clean and simple mobile front-end to a company’s existing Sales/CRM implementation.

Recently, we’ve had customers and prospects ask how the AutoPylot mobile app compares, competes or co-exists with the Dynamics 365 Sales App.

The short answer:  Complementary.

AutoPylot is designed specifically sales reps to automate the capture and recording of customer engagements, so call and text message data gets into D365 Sales, without relying on the rep to enter it.

Thus AutoPylot ‘feeds the CRM’ automatically, with new Phone Call records and Notes attached to Contacts, Leads and/or Opportunities.  Plus we’ve created a Text table to manage SMS as well.

This fits perfect with the D365 Sales App.  An app designed specifically to mobilize the view of data already in D365.

Here’s a short video on how these two apps make each other better.

How to video

A thumbnail of a video showing AutoPylot and D365 Sales mobile apps working together