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Saving Sales Reps from Mind-Numbing Data Entry, One Person at a Time.

No one likes entering data into their CRM, certainly not you.

Rehashing conversations and meetings just so management can track your selling activities and sales progress? How about I spend more time selling, and they spend less time yelling?

We created the AutoPylot mobile app to seamlessly capture call and text interactions with your customers, along with notes and action items, and automatically push the relevant data into your existing CRM account. Your contacts, your leads, your opportunities, and now your phone calls, text messages, meeting notes, and more.

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Getting Started

1. Sign up for the trial

Use the form above to sign up, then download the AutoPylot app from the app stores using the links below.

We’ll send you an email with your details, primarily your new AutoPylot Mobile Number.

Note this is designed for a sales rep to try.  If you want to create a trial account for an organization, which includes the AutoPylot Portal and the AutoPylot D365 Console app, you’ll need to sign up here.

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2. Get the AutoPylot App

The AutoPylot mobile app needs to be able to read and write data to your CRM account. It uses your existing credentials for access and the CRM’s security profile.

Download from Google Play or Apple’s AppStore, and use your business email address to get started.  

Once you’ve logged in, the App will sync your D365 Sales contacts and leads automatically.  

The AutoPylot FAQ

Whether you’re a salesperson looking to save time and automate data entry or you’re a sales manager looking to give your team a tool to make them more efficient, AutoPylot has you covered. 

How does AutoPylot help me sell more efficiently?

AutoPylot is designed to help salespeople sell more efficiently two ways:

First, AutoPylot simplifies the process of calling and texting your contacts and leads by syncing details directly from your CRM. No more clicking through pages to find the right person. And AutoPylot automatically prompts you to dictate a note about your calls right after you hang up. No more typing up redundant comments days later – spend 30 seconds telling AutoPylot what happened, and it takes care of the rest.

Second, AutoPylot saves you time (and frustration) by automatically logging your calling/texting activities directly into the CRM. Sales management never stops complaining there isn’t enough data in the CRM, but with AutoPylot, they get the data they need, without you spending hours to enter it.

How long does this user trial last?

The trial is set to last 30 days, but if you drop a note to sales@autopylot.com, we’ll probably extend it.  

If (or when) you’re ready to have your company pay for your AutoPylot service, again email sales@autopylot.com and we can work with you or your manager to set up an enterprise account and get a great deal.  

How secure is AutoPylot?

These days, security for online services is critical and sometimes complicated. With AutoPylot, we decided early on to work within your company’s existing Microsoft/Azure security framework. So access to details in your company’s D365 Sales environment is managed by your IT department and is authorized by your company’s Azure profile.  

None of your contact or lead data is ever stored on an AutoPylot server and there is no PII (personally identifiable information) about your contacts or leads. Data from D365 is securely synced to the AutoPylot mobile app, and that’s it.  

If you have more questions or need additional clarifications, contact support@autopylot.com and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and work with your IT security team.  

What's the difference between the user and enterprise accounts?

The AutoPylot system is designed for enterprise sales teams and organizations.  

The enterprise account includes a broader set of capabilities designed to manage and monitor the AutoPylot service across an organization. First is the AutoPylot Portal, designed for a company’s AutoPylot administrator (likely a CRM manager or sales operations person), which manages individual users, a few global settings, and billing/payment information. Second is the AutoPylot D365 Console, a Dynamics App created by AutoPylot, designed to be installed into a company’s D365 environment.  

But we realize that it’s you – a salesperson on the phone with customers and prospects all day – who benefits the most from AutoPylot’s automation. So we created an individual user account – technically a trial since it’s free. This service includes an AutoPylot number and the mobile app – so you get the full experience, but don’t need to create an enterprise account or install the D365 Console in your Dynamics instance.  

I'm concerned about switching to an AutoPylot phone number, what options are there?

AutoPylot Technologies was conceived by salespeople. And as salespeople, we know how important a phone number is – for both the rep as well as the company. Today, number portability is commonplace and AutoPylot is committed to working with you or your company to ensure number continuity, even if (or when) your AutoPylot subscription ends. Email sales@autopylot.com and we’ll work out a plan.  

How much does AutoPylot cost?

As with most things, the more you buy, the more you save.  

While we make a trial account available to individual users, AutoPylot’s minimum enterprise account includes five users. The AutoPylot service offers a lot of value and minimal cost. By combining virtually unlimited voice/text with automatic activity updates into the CRM, AutoPylot saves sales reps 1-3 hrs per week of data entry, at a cost that is a fraction of their hourly rate.

ROI in <7 days? Done. But get the best answers (and a better deal) by emailing sales@autopylot.com.  


What about outside the US and Canada?

Today the AutoPylot service is confined to the US and Canada, and this manifests in two ways.

First, we only issue AutoPylot phone numbers in the 10-digit North American numbering plan. 

Second, we don’t allow an AutoPylot number to dial a country code other than +1 (US, Canada), yet.  

We are working fast to resolve these items, and your input on the importance of these features is valuable. Drop an email to sales@autopylot.com or fill out the contact us form here.  

What does the AutoPylot service include?

The core functionality of AutoPylot is built on the AutoPylot mobile app and includes the AutoPylot phone number. With the app, sales reps (users) can make virtually unlimited calls and texts to their existing contacts and leads within their D365 Sales environment. Built into the app is the automated capture and logging of these client engagement events; specifically, each call and text is logged as an activity, the activity can be related to a specific opportunity, the call can be recorded and/or transcribed, and notes about each engagement can be dictated by the rep immediately after a call.  

The AutoPylot enterprise account also includes access to the AutoPylot Portal – which provides a summary of calls/texts per user, along with other reporting capabilities. It also includes the D365 Console App, which is installed into the company’s D365 Sales environment and provides additional fields and views within the Dynamics environment to see AutoPylot functionality.  

What do I tell my IT department about AutoPylot?

For you to try AutoPylot, there’s nothing the IT department needs to do. AutoPylot uses your existing Azure credentials to log into your Dynamics account and read/sync your contacts and leads.  

But if there are issues, here are some considerations:  

  1. The enterprise IT department may need to enable AutoPylot app to access CRM data (for Dynamics, authorize AutoPylot app to use OAuth to login to Dynamics/CRM). Review D365 setup and security items here.
  2. There is an AutoPylot app which may be installed, but is not required for the user trial. Install the D365 Console app directly our website, or from Microsoft AppSource.
  3. There are setup and installation items listed here for the D365 Console App.  

What should I tell my sales manager about AutoPylot?

For the user trial, tell your sales manager to wait and see how much more customer and account data goes into your CRM – they will be thrilled. In fact, they may give you an award at your monthly sales team meeting for becoming the most active CRM user (without lifting a finger!).  

In general, AutoPylot is designed for sales teams. As individual sales reps try out AutoPylot, we’ll need to connect with sales management and get them on a paid plan.  

Start by emailing sales@autopylot.com so we can convert the trial users into an enterprise AutoPylot account. Then the sales manager will create an AutoPylot Enterprise account via the Portal. This consolidates users into a single location and sets up a billing account.  

Have questions, contact us – we’d here to help!

Fill out the form to the right.  

Or email us at: 

Hello@Autopylot.com for general inquiries

Sales@Autopylot.com for questions about pricing, discounts and enterprise accounts

Support@Autopylot.com for all the techie questions (or questions from your IT department!) 

Or call us on our AutoPylot number: (877) 856.6963