How many touches does it take to convert your average lead to an opportunity?

Perhaps not as age-old a question as, “how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop,” but close. A bit of Googling indicates that, as a general rule, an average of 8 (!) touches is necessary to move a lead to the next phase – and that doesn’t include the supporting outreach your marketing team does throughout the lead’s lifecycle (that’s another 20-30 touches, on average).

This is, of course, is an average. It doesn’t take into account whether your team is selling a SaaS solution or a subsystem component or copier toner or … you name it.

In principle, it stands to reason that the more touches – be it an email, or a phone call, or a text message, or a package – a sales rep has per day / week / month / quarter, the greater their likelihood of closing the deal(s).

With this in mind, it becomes crucial for sales managers to vet performance assumptions against real data – and in (near) real time.

Enter AutoPylot.

The AutoPylot solution’s ability to auto-capture notes, calls, and / or text messages makes it much easier for sales managers to now get a fuller picture of their team’s performance and for sales reps to self-evaluate too. More data begets more insight.

But it’s not only a purely quantitative picture, it’s a qualitative picture.

Is 50 touches a day actually better than 40 or does it mean that a salesperson isn’t having meaningful conversation? Are there any word patterns or phrases that seem to expedite leads through the sales cycle more than others? What questions are your leads asking that repeatedly stump your sales team? What features or benefits of the product seem to mean the post to your prospects? Or conversely, what features or benefits do not resonate?

Now that your team’s activities are easily logged into your CRM, AutoPylot’s Conversational AI can also parse the AutoPylot-captured data to offer actionable insights to you and your team.

Less busywork.
Less guesswork.
More success.