I’ve been a salesperson, I’ve been a sales manager – I know both sides of the fence. The eternal conflict between sales rep and sales management.

“You’ve added too many notes and details about this customer and the sales opportunity,” said no sales manager ever.

As a sales manager, every 1:1 meeting, every team meeting, would end with the same refrain – “put more information into the CRM!” I threatened, cajoled, admonished, shamed, and incentivized, but nothing changed their behavior. salesperson using autopylot

Unfortunately, I fully appreciate the other side of the fence. As a salesperson, my performance is judged almost exclusively on making my number. Entering data into the CRM was time-consuming data entry (read: busy work).

Even more demoralizing, writing up call/meeting notes was a duplicate effort. I had already spent 30 minutes on the phone with the customer, now I needed to spend another 30 writing up and entering data about the call I just completed?

This is why we created AutoPylot – so there’s be less yellin’ and more sellin’! 

Automating the data collection and logging process is a win-win. Sales management (and executive management) wins because they get 10x the conversational data into the CRM system.

And salespeople win by dodging the data entry bullet. They can focus on what they do best – more sellin’.

If your organization would benefit from more data in the CRM with less conflict with sales reps – try AutoPylot for free for 30 days.