Bheem Zhade Vice President engineering Bheem Zhade joined AutoPylot in May 2022 as our new vice president of engineering, responsible for guiding development of AutoPylot’s ongoing CRM integrations, mobile app development, and desktop analytics suite. He is also responsible for developing and managing AutoPylot’s conversational AI engine. 

Bheem brings over 30 years’ experience in engineering and software development for some of the tech industry’s major SaaS innovators. Prior to joining AutoPylot, Bheem held a series of leadership positions at Agilysys, Airbiquity, AT&T Wireless, and Axes Technologies. 

Get to know Bheem better in 3 questions … 

1. What professional achievement are you most proud of?

When I joined my previous company, the team I led was working on an online food ordering application that was in the MVP phase, had no customers yet. This was in early 2020 when Covid emerged, and product sales went down for our legacy products. 

I prioritized the work for this online ordering product, reoriented the team effort toward this product, setup development, and release processes, which enabled us to implement and stabilize the product in record time. This product became a big seller in no time and is still one of the top-selling products for the company. The work we did as a team is something that I am proud of

2. What drew you to AutoPylot?

Simply put, I enjoy solving tough problems. When first introduced to AutoPylot and the team, I was immediately impressed at the company’s mission to make life easier for sales teams while also making them more productive and more profitable. From my point of view, AutoPylot offers a critical missing piece to the CRM puzzle – making it easier to collect and action needed data with a combo of auto-capture features and conversational AI analysis. I am excited to build a suite of solutions that deliver tangible, immediate value to customers.

3. What do you do for fun? 

I like to play the tabla (an Indian drum) and go on long walks with my dog.

Welcome, Bheem! 

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