At AutoPylot, we strongly value the connection between a company/sales rep and their customers, leads, and prospects.

The AutoPylot service is built around the phone number, which is why AutoPylot offers several options for companies using our service.

Bring your own number

Many companies have a numbering plan built around a phone system / PBX. When a new employee starts, they are issued a phone number from that plan or perhaps the number from the person with the role before them (sales territory, account manager,…).

Either way, AutoPylot ensures service continuity by enabling the company to port specific phone numbers into the AutoPylot service.

Bring your own phone

Some sales teams provide their salespeople with dedicated mobile phones. This approach simplifies ‘hand-over,’ where the previous sales rep simply hands the phone, and its connection to clients, to a new hire. But there are some downsides, primarily cost. But consider the impact on your salespeople, who are now forced to carry and manage two devices.

Needless to say, AutoPylot will manage porting numbers from your sales team’s devices into the AutoPylot service. Now your reps can download the AutoPylot app onto their personal phone, while receiving calls and texts from their business line via AutoPylot, while the company saves on hardware and service expenses.

Allocate new numbers

Of course, if your sales team does not have pre-assigned or dedicated numbers, or relies on the reps to use their own personal mobile numbers, AutoPylot lets you select new dedicated business phone numbers for your team.

Plus, AutoPylot gives you the option to dictate the area code per person. Perhaps you want your field sales rep in Poughkeepsie to have an (845) number, while your closer in Des Moines should have (515).  Or maybe you’d prefer all your salespeople to have (505) numbers, regardless of their locations, because the home office is in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Either way, AutoPylot gives you the flexibility to select the numbers you need.

Of course, they remain your company’s numbers

Ultimately, all good things eventually end, including your team’s use of AutoPylot. You don’t want to be locked in, and AutoPylot doesn’t want to lock you in.

So rest assured, all phone numbers are, and remain, property of you, our customer.  If and when you’re ready to port numbers out, AutoPylot will facilitate a hassle-free transition to your new service provider.

Getting started

When you sign up for an AutoPylot free trial, you’re given the opportunity to select a number based on your preferred area code.

If and when you’re ready to move the sales team to production, AutoPylot needs a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) from the appropriate person in the company so we can initiate the transfer.