Companies have long struggled with the challenge of keeping salespeople productive while mobile yet separating their business communications from personal.   

One method – give sales reps a second dedicated mobile phone.   

This solves a couple of problems –  

  • Separates personal and business communications. 
  • Keeps the phone number tied to the company/sales territory if/when the rep leaves the business. 

But there are downsides. First, the cost is a consideration. Currently, it’s about $100/month per person (using US cost averages) to give your employees their own device.

But the burden really lands at the feet of your salespeople, as they need to carry (and care for) a second phone.   

What a company doesn’t get from a second phone: more CRM data.   

Sales and corporate leaders turn to the CRM as the source of truth about their customers and prospects. Getting timely and accurate data about customer engagements remains a problem – even with a costly and cumbersome second phone line/service.   

Enter AutoPylot – the mobile app for sales.   

AutoPylot is a complete second-line service for salespeople –  

  • The AutoPylot app supports full call, text, and voice messaging services, 
  • The company owns the phone number used by the AutoPylot app. AutoPylot can port in existing numbers, or create new numbers which the company controls, which means if a salesperson leaves or moves into a new role, 
  • This ensures that their number can be reassigned to another sales pro accordingly. 

But unlike a standalone service, AutoPylot is integrated with the salesperson’s CRM account, so all call and text data is captured, logged and (optionally) recorded directly into the CRM.   

Now sales leaders get visibility into call and text message activities automatically, without the sales rep spending hours a week entering data into the CRM. A win-win. 

So if you’re looking to get more information, and better insight into your sales and selling process, while lowering costs – then AutoPylot is the app for you and your team.   

Put your sales on AutoPylot.