As a salesperson, you realize the importance of building a strong bond with your customers and contacts. It’s important to establish a mutual trust relationship and to be “in the circle” regarding decisions on their company’s direction and requirements.

Increasingly, text (SMS, MMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.) has become the preferred method for communicating with people in (or near) your inner circle. So it’s only natural that, as a category, text is becoming more important for salespeople to maintain customer relationships.

But, is it cheating if you don’t tell your spouse?

In this case, your “spouse” is your company. Text happens almost exclusively on personal smartphones, and often, is tied to the salesperson’s own, personal, non-business phone number.

So the conversations your salespeople having with your customers has zero visibility, or tracking, within the company.  Phone calls, emails, even Zoom or Teams calls have some record.

Text is the missing link in sales engagement 

Sure, text messages are mostly innocent. But there’s a written record created between an employee and a customer (or prospect), a record that has no visibility within the organization or that may be easily forgotten as you move through your busy day.

Beyond losing the conversational thread between salespeople and their customers, the content of those text messages may contain or constitute an implied (or explicit) commitment to a commercial engagement.

Can any company afford to let that go?

Today most CRM systems don’t even have a data structure to capture text conversations. Until now.

AutoPylot consists of two apps – one a mobile app and, the other, a CRM app.

In the case of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s a Dynamics plugin, available from the Microsoft Store, which creates a new data table in Dynamics specifically to record text messages as Activities.

For salespeople and sales managers, it’s possible to see a timeline of activities, meetings, emails, social media activity, and now text messages with Contacts.

If you’re ready to connect the missing text link between your salespeople and their contacts, try AutoPylot for free for 30 days.

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