And rescue salespeople from the monotony of updating CRM customer records.

Palo Alto, Calif., October 1, 2021 – Today AutoPylot Technologies Corp. announced it has secured a seed round of funding to address the most frustrating problem with CRMs: the lack of timely and relevant customer engagement data.

While 92% of Fortune 5,000 enterprises use a CRM, more than one-third say their CRM system “…does not meet expectations” often because salespeople don’t want to spend hours per month re-hashing and typing up previous conversations, meetings, phone calls, and text messages.

AutoPylot automatically logs customer engagement data so that CRM systems increase conversational data by 12-fold while shortening the time salespeople lose entering data by at least one-third.

The round was funded by two Silicon Valley legends, C. Richard Kramlich and Austin E. HillsBoard Chairman Jim Norrod commented, “The company’s value proposition to our investors and to enterprise customers is crystal clear.  In conversations with my peers, everyone ‘gets it’ and immediately asks when they can deploy it to their sales team.”

With AutoPylot, details about phone calls and text messages are captured automatically within the AutoPylot mobile app.  After each call, the App prompts salespeople to dictate notes directly into the account, contact, and opportunity records.  No need for notes and action items to be entered in front of a computer, salespeople can continue to speak into their smartphones.

AutoPylot’s Conversational AI engine processes the voice and text interactions tracking keywords, tone, intent, and more.

“AutoPylot solves a problem familiar to small, medium, and large companies worldwide.  Leadership teams need insightful conversational data from customers in the CRM system to make better downstream decisions about forecasting, finances, production, and inventories,” said CEO Jeff Brown.  “By automating the data collection, we remove the burden from salespeople, and applying AutoPylot’s Conversational AI converts calls and texts into Business Intelligence.”

Text messaging (SMS, MMS, WhatsApp) has emerged as an essential customer communications channel but is a black hole when it comes to CRM systems.  AutoPylot is the first application to log individual salespeople’s business text communication with customers directly into leading CRM systems, including Dynamics, NetSuite, and Salesforce.

About AutoPylot

AutoPylot Technologies Corp. was founded in 2021 to automate the collection of customer conversations and convert them to business intelligence.  Co-founded by Boris Medak and Jeff Brown, AutoPylot builds on more than 10 years of experience from Boris’ first company, Knowme, Inc.

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