AutoPylot is a mobile app solution that automates data input for salespeople.  AutoPylot uses a salesperson’s existing login credentials to their CRM to record and document calls, texts, meetings, as well as meeting notes and action items.

To do this seamlessly, each salesperson needs to use the mobile app with a corresponding AutoPylot phone number.

When a salesperson signs up (or their sales manager signs them up), they can select an AutoPylot phone number.  This is a 10-digit phone number in North America (US, Canada).

Based on user preference, the number can be in the same area code as the salesperson’s own mobile number, or the corporate office’s home area code.

NOTE:  Phone number availability is fluid. Each day, different numbers in different area codes become available.

Each AutoPylot-enabled salesperson (or user) must have their own unique AutoPylot number. The AutoPylot mobile app acts like any other telecom app, where the user can make and receive calls, or send and receive text messages.

However, any calls and texts sent or received through the AutoPylot app via the AutoPylot number will automatically:

  • Show as a call or text activity in the salesperson’s CRM activity log linked to the lead or contact
  • At the conclusion of the call, the salesperson is prompted to dictate notes about the call. Those notes are captured and submitted automatically into the activity log.
  • If enabled, a link to the audio recording of the call is available in the activity log
  • If enabled, a transcript of the call is available in the activity log

Therefore, to get the full value of AutoPylot, we suggest that salespeople change their email signatures, replacing their personal mobile number with their AutoPylot number.

This ensures that the salesperson’s personal calls/texts remain separate from any customer interactions. If a salesperson leaves or changes roles, the AutoPylot number can be forwarded to a different person, or re-assigned to a new salesperson.

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