As we return to work in the new year, we can break old habits, adopt new approaches, and embrace technology to make us better workers in 2024. If you’re in sales or lead a sales team, here are three ‘resolutions’ from the AutoPylot team:

1 – Get more efficient with your data entry.

Every sales rep knows they can never put enough information into the CRM. And no sales manager enjoys harping on their team. So, let’s put an end to the inefficient process of sales reps regurgitating call summaries and action items in the CRM with automation.

2 – Get serious about text messaging

Namely, the giant elephant in the sales process called “everyone wants text messaging, but it’s only available from personal mobile phones/numbers.” In 2024, let’s bring text messaging under the CRM/customer management umbrella and give it the respect it deserves.

3 – Use AI to analyze *all* customer conversations.

There are tremendous tools on the market to capture and analyze customer conversations – if the calls run through the rep’s computer. But mobile phones? Or text messages? You can’t analyze/understand what isn’t in the system. So bring all customer calls and all conversations together for a full 360 view of your customer and their needs.

At AutoPylot, we automate the logging and capture of voice and text conversations on the rep’s mobile phone. They don’t have to spend hours re-hashing calls and entering data, and the company gets complete insight into calls/texts on the mobile phone.

If you’re looking for a win-win solution to boost sales reps’ efficiency (and morale) while delivering the data organizations need to win, try AutoPylot.