Updated release of AutoPylot D365 Console App incorporates texting capture and logging into existing Dynamics environments.

September 25, 2023 – Sonoma, Calif. – Texting conversations between sales reps and their customers and clients continues to grow. Yet, for most sales teams, texts are on a rep’s personal phone/phone number, with zero visibility inside the organization.

The AutoPylot mobile app, with a dedicated phone number for calls and texts, automatically captures, logs, and records these conversations directly into an existing Dynamics Sales CRM environment.

Today, AutoPylot announces the availability of an updated version of its AutoPylot Console App in the Microsoft Dynamics Appsource app store. The newest version of the Console app includes several new capabilities, including –

  • The ability to include text conversations in to AI analysis of customer activities;
  • Dedicated Text view page, where a sales rep can view all text messages to and from contacts and leads;
  • Refreshed Calls view page, where a sales rep can view voice calls to and from contacts and leads, along with voice mail messages;
  • The inclusion of a Text table object into the Dynamics environment ensures that texts to and from contacts/leads are captured as an Activity in the sales rep’s environment;
  • The addition of the text table object adds texting activities to the list of sales-related activities management may monitor to track sales performance.

Sales teams strive to consolidate customer interactions to better track and analyze conversations. As one recent user told AutoPylot, “I closed a whole deal over text messaging.” Yet it’s unrealistic to expect sales reps to manually update systems with text conversations. AutoPylot automation captures, tracks, and logs text and voice conversations into Dynamics, freeing reps from repetitive busy work and giving them more time to sell.

Security and data management

AutoPylot takes security and data protection seriously. All contact and lead data is stored in the company’s Dynamics Dataverse.

AutoPylot Users must log in with their Dynamics credentials, ensuring any and all permissions assigned by the company’s IT policies are enforced.

Getting started

AutoPylot offers two trials, one for sales reps to download the app and start making calls, with no credit card required. The second is an enterprise trial with five users and includes support for texting.  More information is available here:

  • A 30-day completely free trial, no credit card required. A User with a Dynamics Sales account can download the AutoPylot mobile app. Voice calls are automatically logged into the User’s account using the user’s own Microsoft credentials. Just fill out the form on this page: https://www.autopylot.com/for_salespeople_sales_reps/
    • Note that texting is not supported in this trial as it requires the installation of the AutoPylot D365 Console app by the company’s IT administrator.
  • A sales team trial. Designed for a sales team to use AutoPylot, the trial includes 5 separate AutoPylot phone numbers. To maximize functionality, it is recommended to have the company’s IT administrator install the AutoPylot D365 Console app into their Dynamics Sales environment.

More information:

Link to Console App in Appsource store:

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