One of the emerging concepts of AI is a ‘copilot,’ an AI bot that assists knowledge workers with general tasks.

Microsoft leaped onto the concept, renaming/rebranding Clippy, the original Microsoft Office assistant, to a broader and significantly more powerful Copilot.

But does your copilot need AutoPylot? Absolutely.

First, let’s get up to speed on AutoPylot. AutoPylot is a mobile app that automatically captures, records, and logs phone calls and text messages directly into the CRM (Dynamics Sales to start).

Research shows that sales reps spend approximately 3 full days per month on data entry – updating activities and summarizing conversations. With AutoPylot, much of that busy work is automated – giving sales more time to sell.

For sales management, AutoPylot can also capture/record voice calls and text message contents to be analyzed by an AI agent to optimize the selling process, providing valuable information to the copilot.

In practical terms, AutoPylot fills the ‘mobile’ gap. Many sales reps rely exclusively on their mobile phones, either their personal devices or the company pays for a second, separate device. Either way, mobile calls and text conversations are rarely captured in the CRM.

Now, emails, desktop, and mobile calls (and texts) are captured, logged, and recorded. AutoPylot ensures Copilot has *all* the customer context.

So, does your copilot need AutoPylot – absolutely. 

AutoPylot offers a no-charge (and no credit card) trial. Sign up here, download the app, and connect the app to your Dynamics.