With AutoPylot Technologies release 2.0 for iOS and Android, text messages are captured in the CRM, included in AI analysis

14 Jun 2023, Sonoma, California – Text messaging has become a staple of B2B sales, yet the vast majority of messages are lost on the sales rep’s personal mobile phone. With the release of AutoPylot 2.0, text messages and inbound and outbound calls reps make from their mobile phones are automatically logged and recorded into the Dynamics CRM with the AutoPylot app.

“There is a significant information gap in tracking and analyzing customer interactions for sales reps using their mobile phones,” said Jeff Brown, CEO of AutoPylot Technologies. “The latest mobile app from AutoPylot closes that gap, giving sales leadership and their conversational AI engines full insight into the sales engagement process.”

The AutoPylot solution is a comprehensive system to automate the logging and recording of voice calls and text messages from mobile phones.

  • The AutoPylot mobile app is a complete ‘second-line’ service, so sales reps don’t intermingle business communications with their personal mobile service
  • The AutoPylot mobile app uses a company’s existing security framework for the authentication and authorization of individual sales reps
  • All calls and texts are captured and recorded into the sales rep’s Dynamics account automatically, freeing them from time-consuming data entry
  • AutoPylot call and text conversations fill a widening gap in sales engagement and can be fed into a company’s existing AI-based sales optimizations

The AutoPylot solution includes the AutoPylot D365 Console app, which is installed into a company’s Dynamics environment.

“AutoPylot’s new Console app includes the views and data tables so that text messages are automatically logged and managed in your company’s sales workflow, activity monitoring, and AI analysis,” said Wes Weeks, founder of PowerDyn, Inc., a Dynamics systems integrator. “Text messages are linked to contact or lead records to provide a complete view of communication with prospects and customers.”

“One of my sales reps closed an entire deal via text messaging. Without AutoPylot, those messages are lost to the rep’s mobile phone,” said Gerry Pagano, CRO for AutoPylot Technologies. “This solution gives me complete visibility into my rep’s activities.”

Try AutoPylot for free for 60 days. Get AutoPylot for up to five reps, along with the AutoPylot Console app integration to Dynamics. Sign up at portal.autopylot.com/signup.

About AutoPylot Technologies

AutoPylot Technologies was founded in 2021 to automate the collection of customer conversations and convert them into business intelligence. Calls and texts from a sales rep’s mobile phone are often lost, but with AutoPylot’s mobile app, customer conversations are automatically logged and recorded to be used in AI analysis to improve sales engagement.

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