The AutoPylot mobile app isn’t in production yet (as of 26-April-2022), but here’s a first look at AutoPylot for Dynamics CRM.

AutoPylot is a mobile app that captures call and text details, along with notes about any customer engagements, and automatically pushes the details into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With the AutoPylot mobile app, Dynamics CRM users (salespeople) are able to make and receive calls to/from their existing Contacts/Leads list. The details of those calls are captured and displayed in their activities timeline, along with a link to a recording of the call.

The app then prompts the salesperson to dictate notes regarding the call, and those notes are linked (related) to the contact, as well as any account and/or opportunities.

In the near future, the AutoPylot app will support texting to/from contacts/leads as well. The full-text string/conversations will be stored as Activities.

As we get closer to commercial availability, we’ll update the demo video to highlight the latest capabilities.