Texting – people love it.

There are 23 billion text messages sent daily.

Texting has become the hottest customer engagement trend in B2C and D2C. But texting in B2B sales? It’s a black hole – particularly the 1:1 messages salespeople and account managers exchange between their customers, leads, and prospects.

These messages are almost exclusively on the mobile phone and via a personal mobile number. So there’s no official record or log of the message with the company.

It’s not a problem when the text is “let’s meet for lunch.”

But it is a problem when the text is “can you knock 10% off the contract price?”

Enter AutoPylot – a mobile front-end to today’s most popular CRM systems. With the AutoPylot mobile app, salespeople call and text their customers from a business number, and the business conversations are captured and logged automatically in the company’s CRM.

In the same way CRM systems can be configured to log emails, with AutoPylot, records of phone and text conversations are automatically stored in the CRM as Activities related to the Contact or Lead.

Because most CRM systems don’t have a data record to store a text message, AutoPylot has a CRM-specific console app that adds the new data table along with views that include new text (and phone call) fields.

Try it for free for 30 days – and see a 10x increase in customer data, while salespeople spend 1/3 the time on data entry.