If software started eating the world in 2011, today AI is eating software. Over the past 5+ years, artificial intelligence has exploded, with the promise of applying AI to every nook and cranny of a company’s business to create additional efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage.

As we previously commented, the CRM is the front-end to many enterprise business processes. It sits between external customers, prospects, leads, and internal/back-end processes aligned with service, support, finance, and manufacturing. It’s no wonder that applying AI to ‘front-end’ conversations with customers, prospects, and leads to ‘figure out’ what’s happening is big business. But, as I like to say:

You can’t do Conversational AI without conversations.

Bold? Not really. Insightful? More like common sense. The powerful Conversational AI tools available to all businesses these days are great… when there are conversations to analyze. Call centers – no problem. Service desks – done. Video/VoIP calls? With the emergence of products like Viva Sales for Dynamics, the answer is now an emergent yes. But what about the front-line sales professional, the ones in the trenches, the elephant hunters, the road warriors?

Arguably, these salespeople are having your company’s most valuable conversations – sales leaders talking with the executives at your company’s best customers. Unfortunately, these conversations often happen on mobile phones, the salesperson’s personal mobile, never to be captured.

AutoPylot fills the mobile phone gap.

With the AutoPylot mobile app, salespeople make calls and send texts as they always have and maintain the flexibility of their mobile while the conversations are captured automatically.

And because it happens automatically, there’s no additional burden on the salesperson to log a call or report the results of a call. AutoPylot even has a ‘dictate notes’ function so the rep can speak a recap of the call immediately after hanging up.

Plus AutoPylot’s pending integration with Viva Sales from Dynamics will enable conversations captured in AutoPylot to be processed with Microsoft’s powerful Conversational AI engine.

So get started collecting conversations with AutoPylot today, so there are conversations to be analyzed.